n. An urban or industrial site that is under-used, but is not contaminated or otherwise unsuitable for development.
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Australian Unity's real estate arm is expanding its $615 million healthcare property fund every way it can: by acquisitions, through brownfield projects, and through the latest trend toward orangefield developments.

Orange is the new black in the industry. It is a term coined for projects that sit between a greenfield development and a brownfield addition to an existing building.
—Nick Lenaghan, “Orange the new black in healthcare property sector,” Australian Financial Review, October 30, 2014
The orange fields concern structures or plots of land, which accommodate functional, but not so efficient functions, activities or land uses.
—George Hadjimichael, “From Brownfields and Greenfields to Multi-fields,” Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University, January 01, 2011
2010 (earliest)
"Orangefield" redevelopment — retrofit and infill single-use non-residential sites with complementary residential and commercial uses.
—“Route 1 Regional Growth Strategy” (PDF), New Jersey Department of Transportation, September 01, 2010
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