adj. Capable of starting or being implemented immediately.
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The 500 pages that make up this draft bill will form part of what Labour hope will be an oven-ready plan to dramatically change councils if political agreement can be reached after the election.
—Nick Servini, “Councils shake-up could save £650m, Andrews says,” BBC News, November 24, 2015
Universities South West Executive Director Deborah Watson said: "We are delighted that 12 Innovation Vouchers have now been awarded and we are oversubscribed. A reserve list has been created and only 'oven ready' projects will be considered for possible reserve places at this stage."
—Olivier Vergnault, “£200,000 cash pot for start-up firms in Devon and Cornwall,” Western Morning News, February 10, 2015
HR leaders have a role to play in helping business leaders and line managers understand that we cannot expect governments or education systems to churn out off-the shelf, oven-ready employees — we must develop our own workforces by widening the pools from which we recruit and develop people and by creating new and varied career paths.
2000 (earliest)
The need for experienced staff — what Rob Wirszycz, the former director-general of the Computing Services & Software Association, calls "oven-ready people" — suggests that companies will expect to be taking the people they need from their competitors.
—Nick Langley, “Skills shortages: learning to get rid of the vicious circle,” Computer Weekly, November 15, 2000