n. Tabloid print reporters, particularly those who hound stars and politicians as aggressively as their paparazzi cousins.
If paparazzi are the bottom of the barrel for the freelance photographers, then are the low-life members of the print media—those who hound celebrities for some dirt to write an article or book for a fast buck—called the paperazzi?
—Gordon Pattison, “Princess Diana,” The Globe and Mail, September 25, 1997
1993 (earliest)
So the year came and went, and Camilla Shand seemed to settle into the anonymity which, but for the Prince of Wales, would have been her niche in life.

She had never become one of those pert and glossy creatures for whom the paperazzi wait in clusters, but instead had made good, sensible friendships.
—“Mistress Camilla,” Courier-Mail, February 15, 1993
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