n. A person who splits his or her time between Paris and London.
I didn't know you could claim ‘frequent-flier’ points on the Eurostar, until recently. Not in Economy anyway (which is lovely, fyi — excellent leg space). It's a shame, because, given the number of times I've travelled on it, I'd have racked up enough for at least one free croque monsieur and a mini bottle of vin rouge. That's the glamorous Par-Don life for you.
—Katie Mulloy, “C'est Me Vie…,” Company (UK), February 01, 2014
So, how to mark an end to our wonderful time in this fair city? We could think of no better way than an intimate dinner with BFF at our favourite cocktail/Asian venue: Zuma in Knightsbridge. The topic of most of the evening’s conversation was our forthcoming new status as a Par-Don: a new breed of people splitting their lives between London and Paris. Terrible name, but a concept we like lots.
—Patito, “A Zuma-tastic farewell to London,” The Prodigal Guide, August 25, 2010
2010 (earliest)
They are the Par-Dons, a new generation of people who split their lives between London and Paris for work, study or simply to get the best of both worlds. Figures show the number adopting this sophisticated lifestyle increased by 17 per cent in the first half of this year compared with last…Another high-profile Par-Don resident is designer Giles Deacon, who lives in Islington but moved his studio to Paris and shows there.
—Genevieve Roberts, “Big rise in number of people splitting their lives between Paris and London,” The Evening Standard, August 03, 2010
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