n. A sport that involves climbing a mountain and then descending using a paraglider or similar craft.
Other Forms
Europe is leading the world in paralpinism. There attitudes toward human flight are encouraging the development and practice of some of the most incredible feats in the history of human flight and paralpinism.
—Walker Mackey, “The Adventures of Dr. Frankelton,” Vertical Exploration, August 04, 2012
New sports continue to evolve, as outdoor athletes combine things like climbing and BASE jumping, and alpinism and paragliding (paralpinism).
—“The aerial revolution,” Explore Magazine, February 21, 2012
2007 (earliest)
I am seeking a simple calculation or graph which will relate the effect of wind speed with altitude.
—irwyn, “Paralpinism: Wind speed,” Paragliding Forum, October 11, 2007
Try 'Paragliding' in large metropolitan Yellow Pages, or failing that, get in touch with local hang gliders and ask them. Or, you could always come out to Vancouver and learn from First Ascent Paralpinism.
—new england parachuting, “SKYDIVE,” rec.skydiving, September 25, 1992