pp. Explaining parenting in a condescending way to people who don't have children.
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Broken down to its most basic elements, parent-splaining is defined as "parents explaining parenting to their childless friends.” Whether they’re outlining precisely why they can’t hang out with their friends anymore in excruciating detail (“Like sorry dudes MY KIDS ARE ME NOW”) or providing unsolicited lessons in what it’s like to have the most important job in the world, parent-splainers get an enormous amount of attention when their tips and rants go viral.
—“Moms & Dads Parentsplain It All,” STFU Parents, May 16, 2014
I am getting tired of all the parentsplaining….

I’m sorry, but parentsplainers and abuse denialists no longer get to control this narrative.
—R.L. Stollar, “The Homeschool Lobby Now Has Public School Children In Its Crosshairs Too,” No Longer Quivering, January 30, 2014
2012 (earliest)
What about "parentsplaining"?
—readerjane, “What about…,” Twitter, January 19, 2012
If parentsplaining can exist, and people without children can tell parents that drying your child with a cheese grater is wrong, then parentsplaining is qualified. Those without personal experience can tell those with personal experience they’re doing it wrong under some circumstances.
—Dylan Fox, “Erm… Parentsplaining?,” Looking Up at the Sky, February 20, 2010