personal portal
n. A web page that offers content and services customized for an individual.
Some function as "personal portals," collection spots for all sorts of information that matters to the computer user, such as local weather reports, a favorite sports team's schedule, local museum openings and CD releases.
—Siona LaFrance, “Online Calendar Services Vie for New Users,” The Times-Picayine, May 13, 1999
Oracle also wants to provide personalized Web content from remote devices acting as portals, but is taking a different approach than MicroStrategy. Project Panama, which Oracle expects to make available in the fall, enables users to establish a personal portal on the Internet and then access that portal from almost any wireless device.
—Michael Lattig, “Personal portals make a play for the palm of your hand,” InfoWorld, March 22, 1999
1994 (earliest)
He calls this a system of "information highways" that will expand the frontiers of communication among computers, telephones, televisions, hand-held electronic "assistants" and other personal portals.
—Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, “Only a few of us cybernauts know where cyberspace is,” The Dallas Morning News, January 08, 1994
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