personal protection drone
n. A weaponized drone that accompanies a person and can respond to attacks or threats.
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While a personal protection drone swarm would be even more amazing, SexyCyborg already revealed that there’s no good or cheap way to have such portable drones fly automatically. But we can always dream.
—warpig, “PPD's : Personal Protection Drones,” Evil Genius Message Board, August 25, 2015
Indeed. The ideal solution would be a independently operating PPD (personal protection drone) that 24/7 records audio and visual of everything in your immediate vicinity (to borrow a military term, total situational awareness) and constantly streams said information to your personal data fortress in the Cloud.
—OGIS, “Supreme Court bans warrantless cell phone searches, updates privacy laws” (comment), The Washington Times, June 25, 2014
2014 (earliest)
Perhaps 200 years in the future rape will have become impossible due to everyone's personal protection drones.
Don't judge the Culture as a whole by the actions of Contact, and especially not SC. Skaffen-Amtiskaw may be a murderous sociopath with a vicious sense of humour, and barely held in check by Sma, but it's hardly typical. And it *is* a personal protection drone.
—David Allsopp, “Consider Phlebas — Twist?,” rec.arts.sf.written, July 12, 2003
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