n. A person, especially a pedestrian, who interacts with or engages the world mostly through a mobile phone.
What is the meaning of the picaresque when it is our devices that are mobile, and we are increasingly sedentary? Are we the flâneur as phoneur?
—Pamela Banting, “ENGL 607 Topic 59 — Psychogeography in the Wild,” University of Calgary, December 02, 2012
Then again, even the most basic mobile phone camera can do something similar with the right light and shade. Indeed, Joel Sternfeld's latest book echoes the Polaroid books of old in so far as it comprises his mobile phone shots of the shopping malls and consumers of Dubai. It is called iDubai and announces the coming of the phoneur — the photographer as flaneur, forever walking and shooting and, if he has time, daydreaming.
—Sean O'Hagan, “The Polaroid revival,” The Guardian, April 05, 2010
2001 (earliest)
The phoneur is the postmodern flâneur: a mobile phone user strolling the cityscape. The flâneur, implicated within modernist scopophilia…, is "the spectator of the modern world"…. Likewise, the phoneur is a commentator on the postmodern world, speaking from the mobile phone’s commercial capabilities.
—Robert Luke, “The Phoneur: Mobile Commerce and the Digital Pedagogies of the Wireless Web” (PDF), University of Toronto, September 27, 2001