v. To hit a person, particularly a political or business leader, in the face with a pie.
Other Forms
"Live free or pie," quips Pike, a.k.a. Agent Creamy Genes, who recently pied a visiting University of New Hampshire lecturer, then called him a "Nazi doctor" before a stunned academic audience.
—Clare Kittredge, “Pie in face is a joke to some, assault to others,” The Boston Globe, March 21, 1999
Other prominent Quebecers to be pied recently include former premier Jacques Parizeau, Montreal Mayor Pierre Bourque and former police chief Jacques Duchesneau.
—“Pie-Eyed,” The Calgary Sun, January 19, 1999
1975 (earliest)
Scates insisted he was not part of a group that puts out "contracts" on people and pays fees for "pieing."
—“Pie In Face For Blanton,” Kingsport Times (Kingsport, Tennessee), April 18, 1975