n. Peace, love, unity and respect.
But Seth's parties are not just about a digital dance; they're about propagating an entire philosophy — of peace, love, unity and respect, known better by the acronym plur. To build the plur atmosphere, his raves have plenty of incense sticks, fairy lighting, psychedelic sops and an uncomplicated buffet of bread-anda, aloo-parantha and sweet fizz.
—Anshul Avijitet al., “Rave Review,” India Today, June 12, 2000
By 4 a.m., there are so many kids that can't even walk it's hard to find a place to dance. As for "plur" idealism, most of the kids who preach it only do so when they are under the influence of Ecstasy
—Wendy Marks, “Rave Parties: Drug abuse spoils atmosphere for others,” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, April 04, 2000
1995 (earliest)
PLUR — "Peace, Love, Unity and Respect," the ethic of ravers.
—“A Guide to Raves,” The Associated Press, March 21, 1995