pod slurping
n. The theft of corporate data by installing special software on an iPod or similar device and then connecting that device to a computer or network.
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'Pod slurping' refers to the use of MP3 players such as iPods and other USB storage devices to steal sensitive corporate data. Usher demonstrated the vulnerability of corporate security by developing a 'proof of concept' software application that can automatically search corporate networks and copy (or 'slurp') business critical data on to an iPod. According to the white paper, "this software applications runs directly from an iPod and when connected to a computer it can slurp (copy) large volumes of corporate data on to an iPod within minutes." And, according to the GFI white paper, slurping is not limited to iPods and MP3 players. All portable storage devices can be used to slurp information, including digital cameras, PDAs, thumb drives, mobile phones and other plug-and-play devices which have storage capabilities.
—“GFI white paper warns of data theft dangers through 'pod slurping',” Al-Bawaba, November 15, 2006
Developments in portable data storage technology are moving rapidly and today's MP3 players and flash memory devices have huge storage capabilities. Easy connectivity and high speed data transfer means that by simply plugging a device into a USB or FireWire port, a data thief can get away with more information than ever before. This increasing leakage, ciphering and disclosure of corporate data have been coined … "pod slurping".
—“Pod Slurping — The Mounting Threat to Your Network,” PR Newswire US, September 14, 2006
2005 (earliest)
Case study: Pod slurping
The scenario
An unauthorized visitor shows up after work hours disguised as a janitor and carrying an iPod (or similar portable storage device). He walks from computer to computer and "slurps" up all of the Microsoft Office files from each system. Within an hour he has acquired 20,000 files from over a dozen workstations. He returns home and uploads the files from his iPod to his PC. Using his handy desktop search program, he quickly finds the proprietary information that he was looking for.
—Abe Usher, “Pod slurping,” Sharp Ideas, June 15, 2005
The unauthorized use of any portable device to search for, copy, and store data corporate data is more generally known as data slurping or often just slurping.