pp. Checking for and downloading any new programs that appear on a podcasting feed.
Other Forms
To get up and running with what the best vloggers and podcasters are putting out — without putting yourself out — it's best to start by installing a pair of free programs that do all the work of searching and downloading for you.

Start with a "podcatching" client, like iPodder (ipodder.org), available for Mac or PC, or Podcast Tuner (thenowhereman.com), from the Valley's own Chris Hagedorn.
—Jimmy Magehern, “Feed Your Head!,” Phoenix New Times, March 24, 2005
—Clint Ecker, “Podder.py, the cooler superior PodCatching script!,” Switch Case, October 23, 2004
2004 (earliest)
You can program your computer, by using the right software, to regularly update and download certain programs. It's like TiVo for your MP3 player.

What most people actually do is podcatching — they're on the consumer end of the podcast, capturing the goods and storing them on their hard drives and MP3 players.
—D. Parvaz, “Welcome to the show,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 25, 2004