adj. Relating to or occurring in the time after the last Harry Potter book or movie.
Did my homework before being dispatched to check out the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction at the Universal Orlando Resort. Knew I’d be drinking some butterbeer. Knew I’d be talked at by paintings and have my mind blown by a high-tech ride. Did not, however, know that I’d be nearly trampled to death by a mob of post-Potter depressives.
—Neil Genzlinger, “Muggles Take Flight at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” The New York Times, June 07, 2010
Though the final installment in the "Harry Potter" film series doesn't come out for another two years, British film execs are already eyeing nervously the end of the wildly successful franchise. Nowhere is the impact of a post-"Potter" world likely to be felt more than among major U.K. tenpercenteries such as Independent Talent Group and its clients.
—Ali Jaafar, “U.K. mulls biz after Wiz,” Variety, July 10, 2009
2002 (earliest)
Still, without breaking down the figures on a divisional basis, it's hard to judge Bloomsbury's profit potential after Harry Potter makes his last outing in 2007. Without such cash-cows, publishing is reliant on big hits and is prone to misses. Post-Potter, Bloomsbury's profits could even evaporate.
—“Company Results: Bloomsbury Publishing,” Investors Chronicle, March 28, 2002