n. A person who creates a business based on selling marijuana.
Washington's new "potrepreneurs" are suddenly serious about catching up with California and Colorado in the medical-marijuana dispensary industry.
—Jonathan Martin, “Pot dispensaries sprouting statewide,” The Seattle Times, January 30, 2011
Lately it seems that everyone is getting into the 'M-Commerce' market (the M is for 'Mobile,' though in this case it could stand for 'Marijuana'). American drug dealers in Amsterdam have started a company called iToke to sell pot via WAP-enabled cell phones. 'Potrepreneurs' Mike Tucker and Tim Freccia are trying to get venture backing for the company, but so far their plans have gone up in smoke.
—Mike Elgan, “Dial-A-Dope,” Mike's List, August 22, 2000
1998 (earliest)
Even Marc Emery, ex-Vancouver mayoral candidate and the city's most visible potrepreneur, has been laid low by a successive series of police raids.
—Ken MacQueen, “Our pot is rated hot — a big export item,” The Vancouver Sun (British Columbia), April 04, 1998
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