pp. Riding a snowboard without bindings, particularly on powder snow.
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Devotees of bindingless snowboarding, known as powsurfing, say it is a nostalgic return to the roots of the sport.
—Hayley Mick, “Snowboarders get back to their roots with powsurfing,” The Globe and Mail, December 20, 2012
So, what is powsurfing? Well, it’s like surfing on snow. No, it’s not snowboarding as powdersurf board has [no] bindings. It’s more like a surfboard.
—Marko Pyhajarvi, “Powsurfing Is My Next Addiction,” Homeboy, November 26, 2011
2008 (earliest)
From…big mountain lines, to Sprocking Cat McTwists and soulful pow surfing sessions, the Driver X propels Haakon forward with instant response, extrasensory control and uncompromised climbing power.
—Tristan Jud, “Burton Driver X Snowboard Boots,” SnowExtreme, January 21, 2008