n. A summary of, or predictions for, a forthcoming event.
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Late December is traditionally a time to recap the year’s news, but do we really have the stomach for it in 2013? Let’s look ahead, with a precap of news sure to happen in 2014.
—Peter Funt, “The Year That Will Be,” The New York Times, December 30, 2013
The producers assume their audiences have the same limited attention span as their music supervisors and feel the need to tell us what happened before the break and, later on, what's coming up after the break. If there's time between the recap and the precap, there might be some actual episode, if you're lucky.
—Alice Clarke, “Reality TV shows enough to make viewers do their block,” Herald Sun, May 27, 2013
1997 (earliest)
Starts with a recap (precap?) of the scenes, kind've annoying to give away the film in the begining [sic].
—HerbDntist, “Review: European Meat Market #1- London Broil, Van Damage's,” rec.arts.movies.erotica, November 11, 1997