v. To pay in advance, particularly to cover a future expense.
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I'm pretty sure that the Fair Tax proposal includes monthly pre-bates that would pre-imburse lower income people for the sales tax they would pay on necessities like food and housing.
—David Lima, “Bill Gates' Solution To Income Inequality” (reply), WeAreSC, October 31, 2014
Obviously I'd reimburse (or preimburse) you for the cost of the poster that comes with it, plus tip.
—Foal Papers, “Obviously I'd…,” Twitter, June 07, 2014
So, what would happen if Switzerland taxed immigration but eliminated all quantity restrictions, and while making it clear from the start, of course, that immigrants would not be eligible for public welfare benefits, and had to pre-imburse the government for the costs of deporting them if they became destitute.
—Nathan Smith, “In response to Tyler Cowen,” Open Borders, October 07, 2013
2002 (earliest)
I also wonder if I can preimburse myself for things to come (braces, car, computer etc).
—Ken, “Logistics for UGMA/UTMA Transfers” (reply), Saving for College, January 04, 2002
Defendants are ordered to preimburse the amount of Sixty Thousand Pesos (P60,000.00) representing the value of the sand and gravel extracted from tile [sic] property and sold by them.
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