pp. Delaying or postponing something until one has had one or more cups of coffee; drinking coffee slowly as a delaying tactic.
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Procaffinating is a perfect word that describes me on this lazy day as I am blissfully sipping cup after cup of coffee and procrastinating all work; cleaning the house, laundry and giving the dog a bath.
—Susan Golis, “Helplessly Procaffinating with Starbucks Coffee,” Bubblews, June 01, 2014
I think my procaffinating even came before my procastinating [sic].
—Nikki, “Its not procastinating if you're drinking coffee, it's procaffinating,” People say I work too much, May 14, 2013
2010 (earliest)
Propoopanation - putting off what you need to do by visiting loo. Similar to procaffination.
—Kevin Moss, “Propoopination…,” Twitter, November 01, 2010
Just think of it: There are millions upon millions of regular-coffee guzzlers who’ll down 20 ounces of swill just to get a fix, but I see decaf devotees as folks who pursue coffee just for the sheer love of it. It’s gotta be love, since the buzz isn’t the main draw. Not only that, but poor decaffers are often stuck with the dregs: Stale coffee left sitting in an urn for hours, espresso poorly made by way of utter dismissal and even snide service from pro-caffeinators.
—Erin Meister, “Decaffeinated Pride with the CoffeeMeister,” Slashfood, September 08, 2009