pp. Putting off an important or urgent task by baking.
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Procrastibaking — the practice of baking something completely unnecessary, with the intention of avoiding “real” work — is a surprisingly common habit that has only recently acquired a name.
—Julia Moskin, “Why Work When You Can Procrastibake?,” The New York Times, May 15, 2018
Procrastibaking is my favorite activity because why do what I should be doing when I could be doing literally anything else!
—Nancy Hoang, “Procrastibaking,” Hopeless Thunder, May 25, 2017
Unfortunately, I'm a little too familiar with procrastibaking….I think it might even be safe to say I have enough experience to be considered a master procrastibaker.
—Claudia Lasch, “The 6 Stages of Procrastibaking Every College Student Knows All Too Well,” Spoon University, December 19, 2016
2007 (earliest)
@aebaeder - PROCRASTIBAKING! (drop some off overhere when you get done ;-))
—Pat Loughery, “@aebaeder - PROCRASTIBAKING! (drop…,” Twitter, November 21, 2007
Procrastibaker boils carrots until they’re tender, then sautees in butter, glazes in honey, and seasons with paprika.
—C. Thi Nguyen, “Great Carrots, Braised and Glazed,” Chowhound, November 14, 2006