reno coach
n. An advisor who helps people make decisions about or avoid the pitfalls of a home renovation.
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She figured she needed help from someone knowledgeable and impartial, who understood how the industry worked. Then she heard about reno coaching, a relatively new service where, for $75-$100 an hour, a project manager would come to her house and help her draw up a budget and advise her whether her project was practical and affordable.
—Dianne Nice, “Reno coach keeps projects in the ballpark,” Globe and Mail, March 01, 2011
Do you have trouble making decisions like these? Consider hiring a renovation coach. Good ones optimize design, assess price quotes and knock the fluff out of inflated estimates. The money a reno coach saves typically more than pays their fee.
—Steve Maxwell, “ABCs of building a basement apartment,” The Hamilton Spectator, July 31, 2010
2010 (earliest)
Growe spent this past summer renovating his basement under the watchful eye of the man known as the Reno Coach.

"(He) brings his tools and knowledge to the project and teaches you what to do, all the while supervising," says Growe.
—Marcy Cornblum, “Renovator’s apprentice,” Edmonton Sun, April 10, 2010
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