n. A scandal that is the same as or similar to an earlier scandal, committed by the same person or group.
I like the neologism "rescandal" — used to describe Anthony Weiner's predicament, but useful for so many other situations.
—Rosemary G. Feal, “I like the neologism…,” Twitter, August 13, 2013
I think we can say Anthony Weiner is officially done….I think there was a real chance he would have been elected Mayor pre-rescandal. But take two killed him. Politically.
—Josh Marshall, “Put a Fork in Him,” Talking Points Memo, August 12, 2013
2007 (earliest)
Is this a ReScandal?
—Smindustries, “Ex-VW chief admits organising sex parties,” The Car Lounge, January 22, 2007
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