n. A run between one's home and workplace.
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This is the beauty of the runcommute—on the days when you’re not thinking about pace you can enjoy the fact that the very act of runcommuting is the ultimate in multitasking. It encompasses training, transport, therapy and sightseeing all in one.
—“Make the most of your runcommute for spring marathons,” Iamrunbox, February 02, 2017
Like our profiled runcommuter from earlier in the year, Julien Delange, James uses runcommuting to train for ultra distance trail races. …James says that runcommuting helps him leave work at a reasonable time; the knowledge that he’s going to run home gets him out the door of the office.
—Kate Livett, “The New Run Commuters—December 2016,” The Run Commuter, December 05, 2016
Andrew McDonald, a retail property consultant who has a popular blog about running to work, says the hashtag #runcommute has also seen a significant upturn.
—Sarah Marsh, “Run to work day: why I'm hooked on the run-commute,” The Guardian, June 05, 2014
Day 23: Getting ready for the 8 mile run-commute home. Preparing to send out a couple Hybrid Human #runcommuter t-shirts tomorrow.
—Chris Bradle, “Day 23: Getting…,” Twitter, July 29, 2009
2004 (earliest)
Great to see more people trying this form of commuting. I run commute in several times a week.
—Gary Mc, “A good backpack for running?” (reply), CoolRunning, January 15, 2004