n. Computer hacker's term for a salesperson at a computer company.
Two months before that, I had called DECdirect to see about leasing a DECpc. A nice lady on the phone faxed me a quote, I faxed her back a purchase order, she called to say the order was passed on to the leasing department, and I never heard from her again. I called about a month later (the PC acquisition wasn't urgent), and the salescritter was on vacation.
—Kevin G. Barkes, “The big squeeze,” DEC Professional, October 01, 1993
salescritter:…n. Pejorative hackerism for a computer salesperson. Hackers tell the following joke:

Q. What's the difference between a used car dealer and a computer salesman?
A. The used car dealer knows he's lying.

This reflects the widespread hacker belief that salescritters are self-selected for stupidity (after all, if they had brains and the inclination to use them they'd be in programming). The terms `salesthing' and `salesdroid' are also common.
—“Jargon File v. 2.6.2,” MIT, February 14, 1991
1988 (earliest)
Times sure change — there are now enough word processors on the market to defy the intellect and memory of the typical salescritter, let alone the average user.
—Daniel J. Rosenbaum, “The write album,” MacUser, November 01, 1988