n. Mental distress felt while awaiting the results of a medical test, particularly an MRI or CT scan.
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In mid-April, she had another cancer-free checkup with her oncologist. She will now have MRI scans to look for new tumours every year instead of every six months.

"It’s an amazing step in our healing journey, as it can be nerve wracking to go through the ‘scanxiety’ every six months," says Teicher.
—Erin Ellis, “Mother finds unique way to share her cancer story with others,” The Vancouver Sun (British Columbia), April 26, 2014
And as traumatic as it can be, scanxiety is better than the alternative: being dead, so there's nothing to test, and no odds to wonder about.
—Xeni Jardin, “Scanxiety, or how waiting for cancer tests makes you crazy,” BoingBoing, March 08, 2013
2006 (earliest)
Right now however I am wrestling with "scanxiety" (anxiety from a scan before you know the results) as I call it because I had a cat scan and a pet scan but do not know the results.
—thewisemoose, “Re: The Myth of the 'Good' Cancer Patient,”, January 18, 2006