school poor
adj. Having little ready cash due to the cost of sending one's children to expensive schools.
Also Seen As
Not quite our family, as it happens, and not that it’s anything to be ashamed of; indeed, the school-poor families are probably the ones who are sacrificing the most for their children’s educations.
—Eugene Volokh, “'School-poor',” The Washington Post, September 02, 2014
Some people are "house poor" but we are "school poor", which I guess is a better place to be in if I have to choose a good point about it.
—js, May 30, 2013
2010 (earliest)
This seems to be very common these days… e.g., being "house poor", "school poor", "car/gasoline poor". Of course, being "kid poor" has always held, because they grow like weeds!
—taby, “Re: School sucks,”, September 11, 2010
School poor is a play on house poor: having little money for discretionary spending because of excessive housing costs, particularly a large mortgage. This phrase dates to at least 1952.