screen shift
v. To send a video signal or file to another device; to begin watching video content on one device and then continue it on another.
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As screen shifting increases (starting to watch [on] one screen before transferring to another or beginning purchase research on one device and ultimately buying from another) screen agnosticism will almost certainly increase.
—Joanne Frears, “Do you stack or mesh?,” Jeffrey Green Russell Limited, June 04, 2014
Mobile is all the rage at CES 2013 where technology developers and device manufacturers are furthering the evolution of a mobile and second-screen connected world. Within this world, the rapid adoption of Mobile Digital Television is allowing consumers to screen shift their TV viewing, in real time, from in-home HD TVs, to tablets, smartphones and in-vehicle infotainment systems thereby enabling their mobile lifestyles to synch with the broadcast TV news and content they desire.
2007 (earliest)
Quartics enables open content mobility across PC, TV and mobile device screens. With PC-to-TV technology, you can "screen-shift" from the Internet or your PC on to your TV, projector or display in HD or any format.
—“Quartics Selected as Red Herring 100 Global 2007 Finalist,” PrimeNewswire, December 03, 2007