n. A person who retires to a seaside dwelling.
Also Seen As
While many Australians flock to the coast as seachangers, they end up as cave-dwellers just as they were in the crowded, polluted, crime-ridden cities they left behind.
—David Gibbs, “Back to the cave,” Sunday Mail (QLD), January 06, 2002
2000 (earliest)
Data from the 1996 national Census reveals the fastest-growing parts of the nation are located on the coast, a few hours' drive from our capital cities. Meanwhile a study by Morgan and Banks found that 66 per cent of males aged 45 and over were likely to become SeaChangers, leaving the city to escape the daily routine of city life.
—Ruth Ostrow, “Poetry for a restless soul,” The Weekend Australian, January 29, 2000
This term originated in Australia and appears not to have left that continent.