selfie stick
n. A monopod to which a smartphone is attached for taking selfie photographs from a distance.
The selfie stick has been framed by my peers as a risible technology of which ownership is akin to the forfeiture of good taste. For the past year or so I kind of agreed. I've been at best disinterested and at worst disgusted by what seemed to be a over-priced, vanity-promoting retractable camera mount. But a holiday trip to Disneyland convinced me the selfie stick deserves respect.
—Chris Plante, “In defense of the selfie stick,” The Verge, December 31, 2014
Now Australian retailer Kogan is giving the selfie taker a helping hand, with a new tool named after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg.

The $19 "Selfie Stick" is an extendable pole with an attachment for phone or camera, a foam handle to stop dropped phones, and even a mirror to check the hair and make-up before taking the shot.
—“New "selfie stick" named after Zuckerburg,” News Limited, November 28, 2013
2012 (earliest)
The ultimate #selfie stick. I got to get me one of these.
—Andy Welsh, “Photo by andy_welsh,” Instagram, October 22, 2012
@rcarden7 i need that 'selfie stick'
—Peanut, “I need that…,” Twitter, July 06, 2012
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