n. A sleep disorder in which a person engages in sexual behavior while asleep.
Other Forms
The phenomenon, called sexsomnia, is a form of parasomnia, a disorder in which people who are asleep but in a state of semi-arousal engage in behaviors they are not conscious of. Sexsomnia is defined by the International Classification of Sleep Disorders and may take place during a sleepwalking episode.
—Roni Caryn Rabin, “No Sex, Please: You're Sleeping,” The New York Times, June 08, 2010
It's hard to believe, but sexsomnia — making advances and performing sexual acts while in the grip of sleep — appears to be more common than once thought. Researchers have found almost 8 per cent of patients at a Toronto sleep clinic reported they initiated or engaged in sexual activity with a partner while asleep. The prevalence of sexsomnia was almost three times higher in men (11 per cent) than in women (4 per cent).
—“Sexsomnia found more often in men,” The Hamilton Spectator, June 07, 2010
2003 (earliest)
OBJECTIVE: To describe a distinct parasomnia involving sexual behaviour, which we have named sexsomnia. … Sexsomnia has some distinct features that separate it from sleepwalking.
—C. M. Shapiro, “Sexsomnia—a new parasomnia?,” Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, June 01, 2003