pp. Sending a salacious text message.
Other Forms
But there's nothing quite like the image of your child on a registry of sex offenders to concentrate the parental mind. It now has a catchy new label, but "sexting" has been around, as a prank and a problem, for years: in 2004 a 15-year-old Pittsburgh, Pa., girl was charged with sexual abuse of children and dissemination of child pornography when she posted nude pictures of herself online.
—Nancy Gibbs, “Second Thoughts About Kids and Cell Phones,” Time, March 05, 2009
There also are concerns about texting while driving, text-bullying and "sexting," or the term for adolescents messaging naked photos of themselves or others. What might have been intended for a friend can be widely distributed, and the texting of lewd photographs of minors can lead to criminal charges.
—Donna St. George, “6,473 Texts a Month, But at What Cost?,” The Washington Post, February 22, 2009
2005 (earliest)
A telling aspect of his sexual farragos is the use of his mobile for sexting (texting).

Although "kiss and sell" newspaper accounts must always be treated with caution, there is a suspiciously similar theme to the sexts.
—Oliver James, “He's clean bowled by a sick need for pleasure,” Daily Telegraph, July 02, 2005