n. A parent who shares too much information about his or her children.
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But some of my friends are not so keen. In fact, one child-free friend recently posted that she’s sick of all the first-day-of school posts and is thinking of blocking friends with children until they turn 18. She called us ‘sharents’ — parents who share too much.
—Felicity Hannah, “Mum Diary: I'm a self-confessed 'sharent',” Yahoo! Lifestyle, September 04, 2013
Are sharents — parents who blog, tweet and post pictures about all aspects of their children's lives — doing their children harm by crossing the boundaries between public and private life?
—Nione Meakin, “The pros and cons of 'sharenting',” The Guardian, May 18, 2013
2012 (earliest)
Still in testing with select users, Facebook highlight gives users the opportunity to throw in a couple extra bucks with their status update in order to ensure that it appears in more friends’ feeds….[A] prediction: a suspicious increase in the amount of "sharenting" posts in our feeds.
—“Would you pay Facebook to feature your status update?,” Wired Insider, May 14, 2012
What about this right-on term to describe two people who parent equally but don't live together — sharent!
—NE, “Reader to Reader,” The Guardian, July 08, 2006