n. A large and imposing woman.
Also Seen As
Tattoo-face shehemoth will save Merica from the terrists!
—Jonathan Roseman, “Tattoo-face…,” Twitter, October 04, 2014
The audience listened as something even larger than Keira approached, the ground shuddered slightly as an enormous figure stepped from behind the curtain, the announcers lip trembled as this she-hemoth emerged, easily two feet taller than Keira.
—jderril, “A new Dawn begins,” DeviantArt, September 16, 2013
@rugby8 Yes, that's right. You ARE a shehemoth. You are big, badass & KICK ass.
—Mrs. Pringle, “Yes, that's right…,” Twitter, February 02, 2012
2004 (earliest)
Prolific movie storyboard artist Pete Von Sholly applies his skewed sensibilities to the art form in a collection called "Morbid," published by Dark Horse Comics. It's "morbid with a wink," as Von Sholly likes to point out, featuring stories about "Reptitan," "Doctor Tricyclops," "The Astounding Shehemoth" and "Curse of the Werewig."
—Marty Baumann, “Infamous Monsters of Fumettiland,” The Astounding B Monster, July 01, 2004
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