silent traveler
n. A traveler who has almost no direct interaction with a destination's tourism industry, preferring instead to navigate, make arrangements, and find information using a mobile device.
Also Seen As
They’re known as the Silent Traveler, the "mobile-first" travel consumer. These are consumers who don’t just use their mobile devices to research and book hotels, but they also turn to them first to solve any problems they encounter when travelling. This is something that usually falls into the domain of the hotel customer service staff — but not for these travelers.
The silent traveller

The digital age is giving rise to a new kind of traveller who requires far less human interaction. Adept at using all available online and mobile tools to research holidays, take out insurance, make bookings and sightsee. These new travellers shun human contact, preferring apps and other tools to forge their own way.
—“Top Travel Trends for 2014,”, March 07, 2014
2014 (earliest)
The rise of digital has given rise to a new kind of traveler who is adept at all available online and mobile tools and uses them to jump across all industry-defined silos. These new travelers don't need tons of handholding, they shun human interaction, and know their way around everywhere they go.
—“Rise of the Silent Traveler,” Skift, January 06, 2014
A silent traveler from abroad, cholera sailed into New York and other East Coast ports in 1832 even as an increasingly large number of foreign-born were arriving.
—Alan M. Kraut, Silent Travelers: Germs, Genes, and the Immigrant Menace, JHU Press, March 01, 1995