n. A comedian who stars or acts in a television sitcom.
If you love Ray Romano — and we know that "Everybody Loves Raymond" — check out the latest Esquire, which profiles the successful sitcomedian.
—Tim Cuprisin, “Channel surfing,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 21, 2003
Those outside the networks, however, cite a number of obstacles in the path of budding sitcomedians, particularly an endemic network nervousness, which didn't exist five years ago.
—Sacha Molitorisz, “No laughing matter,” Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), July 17, 1995
1985 (earliest)
Gary Coleman is no longer cute. In "Playing With Fire," a two-hour NBC movie billed as the sitcomedian's "dramatic debut," airing Sunday night at 8 on Channel 4, he is truly mean.
—Lloyd Grove, “Coleman's Cold 'Fire',” The Washington Post, April 13, 1985
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