n. A student who has a job or other source of income.
Tracking trends and seeking opportunities, I scanned the pages for demographic data — age groups within age groups. Am I a DINK (Dual Income, No Kids)? No, more like a SINK. Perhaps a PUPPIE (Poor Urban Professional)? Definitely not a SKIPPIE (School Kid with Income and Purchasing Power).
—Brian Cracknell, “Going marketing,” New Straits Times, June 30, 1999
1987 (earliest)
The same kind of marketing minds that brought you ''Preppies,'' ''Yuppies'' and ''Dinks'' (Dual Income, No Kids) now bring you the present-future focus of school supplies marketing — ''Skippies'' (School Kids with Income and Purchasing Power).
—“Mead Products targets 'SKIPPIES',” Business Wire, August 07, 1987
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