n. A linguist who specializes in slang words and phrases.
Moll is well established in English slang. Moll hook de scribed a female pickpocket; moll house or shop was a brothel; moll blood was the gallows; and moll buzzer described both a female thief or beggar and a male who concen trated on female victims. A moll hunter was a womaniser. … Late in the 18th century there was an infamous prostitute called Moll Peatley. Moll Peatley's Her gig (or jig) was, according to slanguist Francis Grose in 1796, "a rogering bout".
—“Molls find their way into slang,” The Canberra Times, December 18, 1999
1980 (earliest)
Although ''grossed out'' was big last year, it is already on the wane: The new form is ''scuzzed out.'' The ''scuz'' (rhymes with ''fuzz'') might come from ''disgusted''; really with-it slanguists are scuzzed out at the squared-out weirdos who still use ''grossed out.''
—William Safire, “On Language,” The New York Times, October 26, 1980
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