n. A person who holds down two or more jobs.
Climbing the career ladder could soon be a thing of the past as “generation slashie” emerges with a focus on moving sideways, upwards and outwards to create portfolio careers….And slashies are not always generation Y or Z but also older workers who are looking to diversify or work part time as they stay in the workforce longer and make the tran­sition to retirement.
—Verity Edwards, “Generation slashie: career fulfilment through greater diversity,” The Australian, April 30, 2016
Maybe you’ve heard the term "slashie" a creative person whose day job isn’t her real job. Like a writer/barista, or a painter/social media manager.
—Nina Boutsikaris, “Slashies vs. Yuccies: Real Faces of the New Creative Class,” The Huffington Post, June 22, 2015
Kerr is the latest in a long line of “slashies” — models/singers or models/actors — and like most, she doesn’t have it quite as easy as everyone seems to think.
—Andrew Fenton, “The secrets to being a slashie success as a model, actor, singer,” News Corp, April 26, 2014
2001 (earliest)
Ukrainian Village This place is pretty cool. The rent’s cheap and there are slashies galore.
—“Neighborhoods,” VICE, March 07, 2001