sleep camel
n. A person who gets lots of sleep on the weekend in order to get by on less sleep in the coming week.
Marathon workdays are so common there's even a word for those who put in the longest hours. They're called 'sleep camels' for their practice of catching up on down-time on weekends.
—John Greenwood, “Where bragging rights are measured by size of construction sites,” National Post (Canada), October 09, 1999
Some of the most "time-starved" people in the country are those who are otherwise doing the best. (Silicon Valley has produced a new species of human beings known as "sleep camels": people who can store up enough sleep at weekends to be able to work flat-out through the week.)
—“Got the time?,” The Economist, June 26, 1999
1999 (earliest)
Spotted any Sleep Camels lately in your office? Sleep Camels are ultra-workaholics who go for days without resting, then power-sleep or power-nap for most of the weekend in an attempt to store up energy for the week ahead.
—“News,” The Guardian (London), May 08, 1999
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