sloppy payer
n. A person who is careless about paying bills and repaying debts.
By contrast, there are "sloppy payers," who pay only some bills on time; "abusers," who are defiant about paying; and "distressed borrowers," who simply do not have the means to pay.
—Eric Dash, “Risky Borrowers Find Credit Again, at a Price,” The New York Times, December 12, 2010
I think we are seeing some consumer behavior change where people are paying attention to their financial situation, keeping an eye on keeping their [credit] score intact," said Christopher Brendler, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus. "Credit card [companies] make a lot of money on sloppy payers, people who pay you but pay you late. The worst case for credit card companies is when everyone who pays you late charges off.
—Jonathan Starkey, “Capital One Copes as Clients Kick Habits,” The Washington Post, August 10, 2009
1997 (earliest)
Early payment delinquencies and other types of accounts viewed as most likely to go seriously delinquent must be pursued aggressively, while customers who are routinely "sloppy payers" likely require little or no expensive collection activity.
—Andrew J. Jaske, “Managing mortgage credit risk,” Mortgage Banking, May 01, 1997
Other observers are less positive, noting laws are rarely implemented properly, state corruption is endemic and Kazakhstan is proving to be a sloppy payer of foreign debts.
—Douglas Busvine, “Kazakhstan to vote for strong presidential rule,” Reuters News, August 27, 1995
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