adj. Describes movies or videos that eroticize the act of smoking a cigarette.
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Although somewhat lacking in terms of coherence and organization, "The Last Cigarette" is an undeniably entertaining assemblage of film clips and assorted visual materials relating to the cultural and social significance of tobacco and smoking…

There's some truly fascinating stuff on display, including scenes of advertising genius Leo Burnett describing the creation of his seminal ad campaign for the Marlboro brand, and, more amusingly, clips from "smokesploitation" fetish movies which simply depict comely young women taking long, luxurious drags on cigarettes.
—Frank Scheck, “'The Last Cigarette',” The Hollywood Reporter, June 10, 1999
1996 (earliest)
The scene opens with a young blonde, dressed in a shimmering strapless gown and a veiled black hat, lighting her cigarette from a nearby candle. She takes numerous long drags. She then switches to a long cigarette holder.

This is—in its entirety—the plot of "Paula," a 30-minute video devoted to a woman's adventures in inhaling, exhaling and blowing the occasional set of smoke rings. She is a fabulous smoker," raves a recent review in Smoke Signals, a monthly newsletter. "As the video progresses, she does quite a few outstanding slow nose exhales."

Since the video's debut last fall, scores of fans have forked over $34.95 (US) to watch Paula puff. She is part of a smoldering underground of video companies that make and peddle "smoxploitation" films—movies that feature fully clothed, attractive women who do nothing but smoke.
—Suein L. Hwang, “Drag queens,” The Wall Street Journal, January 31, 1996
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