n. A derogatory term for a person who was born in or lives in a rural location in northern Canada or Alaska.
The 52-year-old software engineer plans to become a self-coined "snowbilly" by farming in West Virginia and wintering in Eau Gallie.
—Rick Neale, “Clerk Ellis steps down, gets ready to return to W.Va. Roots,” Florida Today, January 01, 2011
In fact, Internet chatterers seemed to be struggling to write a collective thesis on Sarah Palin as the new Bill Clinton. She prefers hockey mom; they called her a snowbilly — shades of Clinton the hayseed.
—“Madonna-Huck complex gets an instant parsing Missing Billy Bob, motivating Cut Toe,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, September 07, 2008
1994 (earliest)
I always carried this kind of thing where people had expectations of me and those expectations were on the edge of being perfect," says [actor Leslie] Nielsen. "Too many bigger things were expected. I'm just a bowlegged snowbilly from Canada.
—Luaine Lee, “Super silly Nielsen got tired of being perfect,” The Times Union, March 17, 1994
It's also worth noting that a group named The Snowbillies (who later changed their name to Guilty as Charged) were playing in the Wisconsin area in the early 1990s.
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