n. A sofa made out of snow.
Like 100-million-plus American TV viewers, the anthropomorphic Coke polar bears will be watching Sunday’s game live. And the ad they star in during the second quarter will reflect what’s happening on the field.

A first-quarter 30-second ad will introduce the bears chilling out on their "snowfa," rooting for opposing teams.
—T. L. Stanley, “Coke's polar bears return to Super Bowl,” Los Angeles Times, February 05, 2012
I won’t be able to join my friend and Pace University colleague John Cronin on the "snowfa" carved on Main Street in Beacon, N.Y., until the weekend.
—Andrew Revkin, “‘Snowfas’ and Sustainability,” Dot Earth, February 02, 2011
2008 (earliest)
The boys and my view of the McBride Range and the upper Cheakamus valley from the "snowfa"!
—Matt Gunn, “The Spearhead Traverse May 14-17,” Matt Gunn's Trip Reports, August 17, 2008
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