n. An automated software program designed to mimic a real person on a social networking site.
Also Seen As
Now come socialbots. These automated charlatans are programmed to tweet and retweet. They have quirks, life histories and the gift of gab.
—Ian Urbina, “I Flirt and Tweet. Follow Me at #Socialbot.,” The New York Times, August 10, 2013
Now a group of freelance Web researchers has created more sophisticated Twitter bots, dubbed "socialbots," that can not only fool people into thinking they are real people, but also serve as virtual social connectors, speeding up the natural rate of human-to-human communication.
—Mike Orcutt, “Twitter Bots Create Surprising New Social Connections,” Technology Review, January 23, 2012
2008 (earliest)
Does anyone know what advantages Bookmarking Demon has over Social Bot…

From what I could tell bookmarking demon looks more automated, but socialbot looks like it has more directories it can do so im wondering if my impression about bookmarking demon being better is wrong.
—Centimetro, “Social Bot VS Bookmarking Demon,” Warrior Forum, December 02, 2008