n. A long or intense struggle with washing, folding, or pairing socks.
This allows me to help Noelle and Caedmon with breakfast, clothes and their very important, yet terribly elusive socks. I hate folding them, they love losing them… we live in constant sockmageddon.
—Leanne Penny, “Penny Family Update,”, February 06, 2015
[I] have 23 black socks laid out on my bed and not a single pair to be found! It's a #sockmageddon over here!
—Chris LeBrun, “I have…,” Twitter, September 06, 2014
I keep those irritating unmatched socks in their own little basket and when it’s overflowing I can't stand it anymore, I match and purge. Today was Sockmageddon.
—“Sockmageddon,” Realist Mom, November 11, 2011
2011 (earliest)
I could fold towels all day, but I swear, if I have to fold one more freaking pair of socks… I am taking everyone out. #sockmageddon
—Jessica Van Vleet, “I could…,” Twitter, August 01, 2011
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