pp. Illegally downloading music.
Other Forms
The term "songlifting" appears to more narrowly define who is being targeted. A "songlifter" implies one who uploads; while presumably a "songdropper" would be the contrary.
—Thomas Mennecke, “New Round of RIAA Enforcement Actions,” Slyck, February 28, 2006
For legal online services to continue to break new ground, we must do our part to protect the integrity of the marketplace," said Cary Sherman, President, RIAA. "Just as we continue to educate fans about the right ways to enjoy music online, we will continue to enforce our rights through the legal system. Songlifting is not without consequences.
—“RIAA Announces New Round Of Music Theft Lawsuits,” Recording Industry Association of America, February 28, 2006
2005 (earliest)
Fighting piracy: Students Together Opposing Music Piracy, a group created by an advertising class, handed out ice cream, drinks and played games to speak out against "songlifting" — illegal downloading.
—“Campus Spotlight” (photo caption), The Daily Cougar, November 04, 2005
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