Special K
n. Ketamine hydrochloride, an animal tranquilizer often used to get high or to render another person unconscious.
The focus of the raid was a "designer drug" known as Special K or KHC (ketamine hydrochloride), said Inspector David Bowen. The drug dulls the senses and when combined with alcohol can quickly make someone unconscious.
—Wallace Immen, “Police seize rape drug in Hamilton sting,” The Globe and Mail, December 21, 1998
Police say someone broke into the Hyde Park Animal Hospital at 2615 W Swann Ave. late Tuesday or early Wednesday and stole 100 milligrams of the drug xylazine and an unknown amount of the drug yohimbine….

Authorities think the mixture might have been mistaken for ketamine, or "Special K," a hallucinogenic drug popular at rave clubs.
—“Drugs stolen from vet could be lethal to humans,” St. Petersburg Times (Florida), August 07, 1997
1990 (earliest)
Police prosecutor Sen.-Sgt Michael Huddlestone told the court David Aaron Klaehn had admitted he had stolen packets of the drug ketamine five times. He said Klaehn also told police he had stolen the drug for his own use, but on one occasion had crystalised a quantity of the drug, known on the streets as "Special K", to sell at a Fortitude Valley nightclub.
—“Man stole hospital drugs,” Courier-Mail, March 23, 1990
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