adj. Relating to a person or personality trait that falls somewhere on the autism spectrum.
Also Seen As
Asperger himself seems to have been a bit spectrum-y as a child, endlessly reciting the verse of Austrian poet Franz Grillparzer, to his classmates’ dismay.
—Benjamin Wallace, “Are You On It?,” New York Magazine, October 28, 2012
He is a developmental psychologist specialising in autism. His quiz was designed to detect autism and my score probably suggests I am "spectrumy" — to use a non-technical term — rather than a psycho.
—Nicholas Blincoe, “Zero Degrees of Empathy by Simon Baron-Cohen: review,” The Telegraph, April 25, 2011
2003 (earliest)
But that ability to hyperfocus is the cause for countless inventions that have enhanced all our lives. Many inventors are "spectrumy" individuals because it takes that kind of scientific mind and dogged pursuit against all odds…to see what's essentially just a vision through to completion.
—vagansmom, “Autistic savants” (comment), Ballet Alert!, November 26, 2003