speed geeking
n. An event in which multiple groups rotate through a series of short presentations.
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If you haven’t tried speed geeking in your class, you should. You students will be engaged, communicating, thinking critically and having fun.
—Nancy Foote, “Speed Dating + Science = Speed Geeking,” The Unintentional Geek, February 26, 2016
They also had special networking and presentation events including Speed Geeking, Lightning Talks, and the very popular GeoDev Meetup.
One of the events being held over the two days is 'speed-geeking'. The concept is similar to speed-dating but instead of meeting a new potential partner at every table, participants are welcomed by different presenters who talk them through various aspects of technology and how it can be used to make positive changes.
—Ricky Thompson, “US State Department's TechCamp introduces Belfast to 'speed-geeking',” Belfast Telegraph, May 18, 2015
2006 (earliest)
Speed Geeking is a great way to share projects in a community it is a method innovated at Penguin Days lead by Allen Gunn director of Aspiration….
You spread the presenters around the edge of the room — each at a table or end of a table. You break the audience into small groups. You play referee and start a clock that goes for 4 or 5 min. Then everyone rotates and you do it again. …
I have myself speed geeked with an easel and some diagrams on paper to explain digital identity as a concept….I have done several “mass” speed geeks with 20 stations and 100-150 people.
—Kaliya Hamlin, “Unconference Methods: Speed Geeking,” UnConference.net, July 13, 2006
Friday's big excitement was mjd's Lightning Talks, a sort of Conference Proceedings for the Attention Span Impaired. A lot of people turned out to see the five-minute talks, most of which were really well delivered.
—Mark-Jason Dominus, “Reports from YAPC 19100,” Perl.com, July 11, 2000