speed mentoring
pp. Getting advice in a series of short conversations with experts and other mentors.
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When the bell rings, dozens of strangers pair off and size each other up.

They shake hands and start talking about life goals, past experiences and future dreams.

Some feel a spark, while others suffer through awkward silences. A few minutes later, the bell clangs again and they move on to the next potentially life-changing stranger.

Speed dating? That's so 2003.

This is speed mentoring, the new way to jump-start your destiny.

The goal is career-building, not courtship, but the underlying philosophy remains the same: Rather than waste hours with a mentor who's just not that into you, spend a few minutes with a variety of people in hopes of finding that special someone who truly understands your career aspirations.
—Rebecca Dube, “Career inspiration, five minutes at a time,” The Globe and Mail, March 31, 2008
Some companies, especially those in male-dominated fields, have found success in programs aimed at training and promoting women.

Intel Corp. formed the Women at Intel Network to do just that. Imelda Castro, director of technology manufacturing group training, said the program helps women achieve their career goals and develop leadership skills. The company hosts an annual in-house conference geared toward women. It includes speakers, panel discussions and "speed mentoring" to inspire.
—Geri Koeppel, “Firms aim to be more female-friendly,” The Arizona Republic, February 17, 2008
1995 (earliest)
The Mentoring Faire program will offer workshops and interactive "rap sessions" by successful businesswomen. Participants can learn from these veteran women entrepreneurs about running businesses, overcoming barriers, and fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams.
Bolton said, "Another dynamic portion of the faire will be our speed mentoring section consisting of confidential one-on-one meetings with experts in business law, personnel management, product marketing, buying a franchise, business accounting, financial and time management."
—“Good Ole Network Starting for Women Entrepreneurs,” Business Wire, December 20, 1995
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